First milestone reached

November 15, 2010 at 9:39 am (Uncategorized) (, , )

I’ve surpassed 10k words! Yay! In fact I’m at 11,366 right now. Naturally I should be much further than that, but I don’t care. I’ve gotten more word count than last year and I still have 2 weeks to go. This has me very excited. I’m still not 100% sure that I’ll hit that magical 50k but I already foresee getting much further with this story than my last one.

Unfortunately I’ve reached the point in my story where I feel like I’m writing crap and it was a horrible idea to write about. lol Thankfully I know enough authors to know that everyone goes through that phase. So even though I still feel like it’s stupid I’m working through it.

One more exciting thing….. Since I have already beat last year’s word count I went ahead about bought myself the NaNoWriMo participant t-shirt. I can’t wait to get it. 🙂

Legend of the Wooden Warriors word count: 11366



  1. Susan Hatler said,

    I allow myself to “write crap” too. It keeps the writing flowing when I’m not worried about the “editing” part of writing. “)

  2. Dominic said,

    I bet it’s not as bad as you think, Heather. It’s difficult to perfectly illustrate on paper what you are experiencing in your imagination. That’s the beauty of art. Let your readers fill in some of the gaps. That was how H.P. Lovecraft operated. He always snuck into the depths of the unknown because he knew that his readers’ imaginations were their greatest instruments. I guess what I’m saying is that if you feel like you’re “fluffing”, let someone else see it and see if they have the same opinion?

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